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If students had to name their least favorite part about college, it would be the fact that they have to complete numerous assignments with urgent deadlines. And this is utterly true, especially for students that have a full-time or part-time job – this becomes even more challenging. This is why so many essay writing companies have been established, in order to address the growing demand for academic help.

And this is the reason why was established, as well. If you’ve been eyeing this service for a while, our review of Edubirdie is exactly what you need to read before making an informed decision. Services

This company has been on the market for roughly three years or so; since we found customer reviews dating back to 2015. In view of the variety of services you can find on Edu Birdie, they are quite diverse. In fact, there is a comprehensive list presented on the website, which includes admission essays, argumentative essays, bibliographies, creative and critical writing, research papers, admission essays, lab reports, including theses and dissertations.

That is to say, regardless of the type of academic assignment you need assistance with you can get it on

This company has a distinct way of operation. In other words, the customer places an order on the website. Afterward, the writers that are qualified for the task place their bids and the student may pick the most suitable option. At the same time, it is nice to know that the student can communicate with the writers beforehand. We find that communicating with the writer is of primordial importance.

What Does Customer Feedback Outline?

A review wouldn’t be complete without assessing the information we found in customer testimonials and reviews. Hence, we could argue that the opinions voiced in the reviews are rather mixed. Some students mentioned that the papers are satisfactory. Nevertheless, others indicate that they expected a higher quality for the price.

This could only mean one thing: some writers are better prepared than others. Of course, the educational level of a paper matters, as well.

If an assignment is quite difficult, this could make it more challenging for the student to find an adequately prepared writer for the task. This is why we are hesitant to offering Edu Birdie a high rating – simply because there are contradicting opinions on the Internet, not to mention that the paper we ordered was filled with errors.

In fact, many students outlined that they had to request revisions. This can be a major inconvenience especially when you have a stressing deadline.

What about the Prices?

It goes without saying that every student is interested in the prices and discounts facilitated by an essay writing company. Unfortunately, though, we cannot give you any fixed information in this respect.

That’s due to the bidding process – every writer has specific rates. This is why you cannot take advantage of a specific promo code or other coupon codes. It’s up to you to negotiate with the writer if you want to get a more advantageous deal.

This could be an advantage or a disadvantage – it depends on how you put it. If you’re an inborn haggler, you might be able to get a sizeable discount. On the opposite, if you’re not really good at haggling, you might not be too happy about this particularity.

All in all, discovering was a bit of a disappointment to us. In truth, it can be really difficult to find a truly reliable essay writing service. And, unfortunately, doesn’t belong to the category of services worth trying. The quality of the papers is entirely dependent on the writer, and some of them aren’t qualified for the job.

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